Kevin C Shinn

Kevin C Shinn

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trumping America

Donald Trump has succeeded in turning the 2016 Presidential election into must see television. Trump plays a character devoid of any need to play by the normal moral, ethical, economic, political and social standards most of society chooses to live by. Instead, we are subjected to an increasing array of absurd Trumpisms designed to stir the conscience of the uninformed and unenlightened while shocking every adult encumbered by reason and intellect.

Trump attracts every member of our society who ever hated Civics classes in high school and subconsciously would prefer an enlightened monarch who would impose order on our diverse land. The noise and confusion associated with democracy is simply too annoying for the common Trump supporter.

Intelligent Americans of any political persuasion remain baffled by the volume of lies and distortions Trump spews weekly and the lack of any measurable effect they have on the enthusiasm of his zealots. To be honest, Trump is s phenomenon that is difficult for most people to decipher. We are accustomed to our leaders to mostly respect the boundaries of honesty with an occasional stretch of the truth for political purposes. Trump has changed the rules by integrating lies, propaganda and distortions into the fabric of his personality. As a reality TV star, he knows his audience and targets the most base biases and prejudices they possess. The reason he is able to thrive among his supporters is because every time he thow's out an offensive slur against women, Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, Gays, union members, POW's, the media or anyone else, is because his voters already hold those viewpoints and he is simply preaching to the disturbed choir. These are the people you would meet walking away from a Klan rally or NAZI meeting or any mob threatening someone of a different demographic group. Undoubtedly,  they are the ones racing to their televisions to watch Duck Dynasty and Dukes of Hazzards reruns. They will be proud of being a redneck and more likely to see science and education in general as tools of the devil.

Next to World War II and the Cold War, Trump's movement is the single greatest threat to our form of freedom and reasoned Americans must stand up before it is too late and stop Trump from ruining the future for our children. The stakes are too great to remain on the sidelines.